Who Else Wants To Benefit From The Latest Home Appliance?

New technologies are being invented all the time. Sometimes there are great technologies out there but they’re just too expensive or impracticable for use in the home. Well a technology that’s been around since the days of Skylab in the 1980’s and used commercially for years, has finally arrived home. Many people feel that this device is destined to be the next microwave oven in home appliances.

Many hospitals have been cleaning operating room linens and other garments without the use of detergents or even hot water, for years. It seems that water that’s been oxygenated with O3 not only does a great job cleaning, but it practically sterilizes garments in the process. Until now, there was no way for the average homeowner to enjoy all the benefits by taking advantage of this technology.

Laundrypure is a device that was invented a few years ago to put this technology to use for you, in your home. The original design was kind of bulky and did have some maintenance requirements but this second generation unit is right on target. Some of the many benefits include:


  • Save money on detergent
  • Save money on heating water (and this really adds up)
  • Have brighter, fluffier and softer garments
  • Eliminate the common skin rashes and allergic reactions from all the harsh chemical found in detergents
  • Clothes and linens have a clean fresh air smell instead of some artificial chemical scent
  • Help protect the environment by eliminating phosphates and other chemicals in your drain water
  • No maintenance and will even rid your washer of soap and chemical build-up home appliances jp nagar


As we wash our clothes over and over, a residue builds up in the fibers from all the chemicals in the detergent. Over time, not only do the garment fibers break down and clothes wear out, but the residue causes stiffness and a matted down effect. Some people, especially children, are sensitive to these residues and develop a rash or other reaction. Laundrypure not only stops this process but in time will even rid these harmful chemical residues from your clothes and linens.

Laundrypure easily installs by mounting on a wall with 2 screws above or near your washer. The cold water line presently attached to your washer gets connected to this machine instead. A new supplied hose now connects Laundrypure to the cold water inlet on your washing machine. Plug the power cord into the wall and you’re done. You should also just turn off your hot water valve as you won’t be needing it anymore.

Laundrypure¬†is not available in stores and sold only by a direct sales organization that is huge in the industry. With a history spanning over 80 years and providing 50 million happy customers products like the well-known Electrolux vacuum cleaner, this manufacturer enjoys a very enviable reputation for both quality and customer satisfaction. I’m sure that knock off’s will eventually be out there but why wait for an imitation of unknown quality when you can have the real deal today.